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A Moveable Feast

Welcome to the Blog! Here we will talk about things that pertain to medieval food and resources for those who are cooking it. We have a couple of goals for this blog:

  • Discuss foods and topics that may not get a lot of play in other online forums

  • Discuss and review resources - websites, forums, cookbooks, videos -- that you may find interesting

We have a goal of two blog posts a month -- enough to give you things to talk about, but not so many we spam you with content.

One of our goals is to teach every SCA member or LARPer how to cook at least one period dish. Many period dishes are easier than spaghetti and meatballs, and many folks take that to pot-lucks for their groups now. Learning at least one period dish will open up the world of period food -- and while you may never be a Head Cook for a feast, you can always be the most talented cook in your own kitchen.

We'll also talk about the difference between exhibition foods and feeding the masses. All three of us have done both in our time -- we've prepared special dishes to show off our skills, and we've been in charge of feasts that needed loving care to send everyone home satisfied if not sated. Love and skill goes into both -- and there are a lot of philosophies behind each one. We'll explore that realm.

So, on to the first Blog Entry -- Mistress Euriol is going to talk about Mustard and mustard sauces. It's a fascinating discussion of both chemistry and folklore, and we think you'll like it.

If you want to sample more of Euriol's work, try out her website at

Talk with your soon!

Siobhan, Euriol, and Cordelia

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